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Main St. Project
Address :433 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA


The proposed development will include construction of a new 12-story mixed-use building, with 6,344 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor and 196 residential units on floor 2 through 12. The residential amenity is located on the 7th floor (residential 6). And a roof terrace is on the penthouse level. The project has 3 levels of subterranean parking and half level of surface parking accessed from the Alley Harlem Place, providing a total of 167 automobile parking spaces and 334 bicycle parking spaces. The building height will be approximately 150 feet, plus roof structures for mechanical equipment and egress stairs on top. The project's adjacency to a designated historic building (The Rosslyn Loft) dictated our project scale and visual harmony with the historic building facade.

The building has a courtyard scheme with an “Armature” structure in the middle that opens up to the sky and expands out to main street. The “Armature” is the physical presence of the void in the building mass, and the frame of the opening on the front facade. The appearance of it resembles the keys of piano or some percussion instrument that symbolizes the harmonious symphony of downtown revitalization and modern urban living. The opening serves as an important visual connection between residents and main street; it allows light and air flow into the center of the building, yet provides enough space and distant for privacy.

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