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Atalaya Multi-Use Center - Designed as Historical Landmark

Santa Fe, Argentina - 1978

The Atalaya Multi-Use Apartment complex was recently recognized by the Argentinean Ministry of Culture as a Historic Landmark for its enduring innovative design. Forty-Eight years after completion, the Atalaya continues to define modernity for the City of Santa Fe, Argentina's second largest port. The Atalaya Multi-Center is located in downtown Santa Fe and is one of the largest mixed use developments in this city of approximately 1 million inhabitants.

This 15-story apartment complex houses a total of 72 units in a variety of floor plans and sizes (1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom duplex apartments). The ground floor is devoted to retail, and the 7th floor has a day care center and roof garden accessible to all residents. 

Designed, developed, and built by Norberto F. Nardi, AIA and his partner Gerardo Ferradás (deceased), the Atalaya created a distinct design statement while protecting the affordability of construction costs through integrated project management and a modular construction system. The majority of building components were prefabricated and then assembled on site, supported by a reinforced concrete modular structure.

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