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Beijing Fertility Clinic
Beijing, China - Conceptual Project 2016

The main design idea is to create an environment where patients and physicians will feel connected by being housed in a warm and creative space. The common areas (Entry, Lobby, Waiting, resting and circulation) are tight together by a waiving and wrapping semi translucent panels that depict a nasty ambiance while advocating a sort of interior water lily garden.

These are some important issues address with our design:

1. Building Exterior: While keeping the existing walls and windows with the exception of the main entrance door, we are adding vertical and waving aluminum louvers covering the rigid existing windows. This facade treatment ar ticulates the facade and connects it to the interior architectural spaces using a similar design language. 

2. Around the new entry door we are bring some of the interior spaces to emphasize the connection.

3. We are allocating a horizontal space above the two entry doors to place the Hospital logo.

4. The main interior treatment at the ground floor and mezzanine levels are curved panels/partitions with horizontal members furred at both sides with 1/2 inch transparent poly-carbonate sheets.

5. At the main lobby the central piece is a "tree like" structure (from floor to ceiling) made of thick metal wires inter twined depicting the idea of a gigantic water lily.

6. The flooring at the main lobby and the waiting rooms are patterns of ceramic resembling a water base image imitated with paint at the ceiling of the double height space.

7. The monumental stairs is located behind one of the curved transparent panels.

8. We initially suggest to include a chair lift (dismissed by the clients) but if is necessary to place one to connect the Ground Floor with the Mezzanine we can located behind the Cash Register area.

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