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Miller, Mill Valley

The Tam'andari mixed use project is located in Mill Valley, CA. It consists of Condominiums, Commercial space, and on-site parking. The project is divided into two buildings. Building A is 3 (three) stories with parking for residential and commercial on ground level, and two levels of residential atop it. Building B is 2 (two) stories and has retail on ground level and office space atop it.


The project includes the following past, current, and future phases:


Substantial Conformance: Originally entitled more than 10 years ago, the design has been adjusted to comply with current building codes and ADA regulations; meanwhile maintaining the essence of the original design and characteristics. The City of Mill Valley Planning has issued a “substantial conformance” for this achievement, which allows the project to proceed to construction.


Construction of the project with be split into 2 phases:


Phase 1: Core and shell.


Includes site grading, foundations, ground floor to podium to house the future private garages and covered parking, site drainage plus all the necessary utilities’ distribution within the site and in its relationship with the surrounding public spaces (street, sidewalks and off-site parking).


Building A: includes the above phase preface along with any/all concrete build: building pad, columns and walls holding up the entirety of the 2nd floor concrete podium.


Building B: includes the above phase preface along with any/all concrete build: building pad, a retaining wall to fill earthwork at the rear of ground level with accompanying concrete slab atop it for partial 2nd floor plate. The rest of floor plate to be built in phase 2. 



Phase 2: Completion of all residential units and commercial spaces. Applies to both Building A and B.


The continuation of phase 1 (used a base) with Type 5 construction.  Essentially this phase is the completion of all units, commercial, and landscape areas.  Including, but not limited to: interior/exterior walls, roofing, interior partitions, mechanical, electrical and plumbing interior distributions (including fixtures), doors and windows, elevators, ramps, stairs (interior and exterior), flooring, and finishes. This is the last phase of the project to secure a Certificate of Occupancy.


NOTE: Drawings/sheets not related to phase 1 drawings will be completed in phase 2, including but not limited to: plans, sections, elevations, finishes, schedules, details, accessible path of travel diagrams

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