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Jurupa Valley - Hotel 

Address: 9401 - 9045 Ben Nevis Blvd., Jurupa Valley, CA 92509

The city of Jurupa Valley is growing and developing to become a better defined urban  enclave.


The parcels located at both sides of Ben Nevis Boulevard, closer to its merging with to the 60 Freeway, are providing a fantastic opportunity to create a new yet harmonized urban sense of  place.


In search of that kind of a city identity, the proposed design for the mixed-use development complex complements the one already proposed for the new hotel located at the north side of the boulevard and the approved gas/EV  station.


The celebration of the street edges, by providing vegetated fences and solar panels canopies fronting all the four main parcels and uses, are addressing the vision to set a harmonic and cohesive public realm to reaffirm the sense of  place.


The Mixed - Use project is developed in two different vacant lands, located at the south side of Ben Nevis Boulevard. The residential structure, labeled as Project A, is going to be built on parcel 6 and the Mixed - Use complex (retail by the ground floor and residential units at the upper levels) is going to be built on parcels 1 and  2.


The design and site location of buildings A and B are positioned in such a way, that they are avoiding to impact negatively (i.e. privacy and scale) the adjacent residential developments. To facilitate access and exposure, the proposed retail spaces are going to be located closer to the access of the Freeway 60 and with street frontage of public parking.

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