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Tian Fu College Southwest University
Educational Facility as part of the Science Park
Chengdu, China - Conceptual 2011

The project consists of two innovative buildings: a twenty-floor skewed tower with an oval theater on the ground level and a ten-floor curvy building with a weaving “Veil” rising from the street and dropping down to the other side. The buildings are connected by a bridge which consists of classrooms, offices, and lounges. It acts as a gate for the public entering from the street, promoting interaction among inhabitants and newcomers.

By utilizing the corner lot, the buildings are shifted to the perimeter to provide a landscaping buffer along the pedestrian sidewalk and a heightened aesthetic, surrounding a large richly landscaped courtyard with an amphitheater for casual social interaction, establishing a characteristic that is complementary to the current unconventional urban demographic.

The taller tower is situated along the street with its main lobby opened to the street intersection. The building exterior is comprised of two layers: an outer metal screen offset from a layer of glass to reduce heat radiation during the summer, while allowing the natural ventilation and insulation during the winter.

The curvy building will house modular student dormitory units, designed to allow the client to reconfigure the space with ease. The“Veil” weaves over the building to let diffused light through its lattice-like cover, mitigating heat island effect and providing a barrier between outdoor recreational areas and balconies facing the busy street.

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