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Fairview Residential Development
Arcadia, California - Under Development

The project is proposed to be located at the corner of Sunset and Fairview, in a 0.24 Acre parcel (excluding the dedicated parkway) and with an allowed density between 1749 sq ft and 1945 sq ft per unit. Our proposed 5 units condominium project are under the maximum allowed density.


The proposed architecture and landscape strategies are celebrating the neighborhood character by keeping it within the maximum height allowed, articulating the identity of each unit and maximizing the use of landscape outdoor spaces (patios and entry balconies).


The parking spaces (a combination of private garages for residents as well as spaces available for visitors complying with the ADA requirements) are located in an underground level, accessed from Sunset. In order to provide accessibility from the parking to the entry level, it is proposed the incorporation of a chair lift, which surrounding walls do not exceed the height of adjacent low balcony walls.


Each condo unit is developed in three levels (one underground for garage, utility room and storage/office space naturally illuminated through a skylight) and two upper levels housing, the social spaces and sleeping quarters.

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