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Laurel Homes
Fontana, California - Under Development

The proposed project is located in a 2.1 parcel,currently zoned R-2. Giving the importance to provide Senior Living facilities to the City of Fontana without disrupting the existing residential context, the project has been design as series of attached units connected with an upper corridor in the upper levels.

In order to accommodate the proposed 48 units complex it will be required to apply to a Spot Zoning Change from R-2 to R-3. The layout of the the units on site emphasize on the close relationship of the townhouses (1 1/2 story high) and their proximity to R1 zoning area, where as the multi family units emphasize their proximity to the R3 zoning area in order to obtain contextual harmony.

The majority of the units are located in two story structures with the appropriate number of elevators to serve the whole complex plus 12 units housed in 3 story structures located at the back of site harmonizing with the existing context.

Ample green spaces interconnected with a pedestrian landscaped space that operates as the main waving axis that allows all residents to access to the Recreation Center and Amenities(including a pool and picnic area) plus enjoying the courtyard.

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