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Malibu Addition
Malibu, California - Under Development

The project site has an extraordinary location, offering easy access from the PCH and with appealing views to the ocean and to the canyon/hills.

The design strategy has been based in treating this project as a renovation of the existing house while keeping more than 50% of the exterior walls and adding as well a substantial new livable area as allowed by the code.

The existing house will be subject to an interior renovation, including the removal of the existing roof (currently in a bad condition) and by converting it in a flat one the new house will provide a roof terrace on top the main level.

From the lower level, where the existing garage is located, the connections to the upper levels will be via the construction of a residential elevator ensuring accessibility in addition of the ones provided by the regular stairs.

As indicated in all graphics the house is complying with the maximum height permitted for sloped roofs while minimizing a major site re-grading by working with different interior finish floor elevations.

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