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San Francisco International Technology Center
Burlingame, California - Under Development

The SFO technology center in Burlingame is located in a parcel of 268,597 SF facing the San Francisco Bay and divided by a drainage channel connected to the bay. The Mixed-use complex stands as a manifestation of urban design strategy that enhances social activity. The location of the project provides a significant node relationship between the cityscape and the aquatic environment of the San Francisco Bay. The harmonious articulation between open public spaces and open private spaces creates a seamless integration of the bay front and reinforces its visual connection with the city’s urban fabric by maximizing the outdoor spaces in direct connection with the San Francisco Bay as well creating an opening that is exceeding 50% of the parcels linear frontage along Bayshore Hwy.

  1. Maximize the outdoor spaces in direct connection with the San Francisco Bay, an opening exceeding 50% of the parcels linear frontage along Bay shore Hwy is created.

  2. Following BCDC requirements there are two different kind of open spaces: The Public ones, with unrestricted access along the Bay and its connection with the Bay shore Hwy as well as the Semi-Private ones directly related to the building occupants but still part of the general landscape.

  3. The uses located at the Ground Floor (Retail, Restaurant and an office/commercial space such as a bank or health facility) will encourage pedestrian traffic as well as exposure to the Bay shore Hwy frontage.

  4. The main vehicular access to the site (following the Traffic Consultant analysis and recommendations) has been located directly across the street from the Hyatt Hotel main access. One additional minor access has been proposed at the North of the property also providing the fire lane required by the Fire Marshal.

  5. The project complies with the assigned FAR (0.9) for this parcel. The landscaped central courtyard contains outdoor semi-covered gathering areas (around a fire pit) surrounded by translucent walls to avoid interruptions to the Bay view corridor.

  6. As indicated in our contextual rendering the building does not exceed any of surrounding building heights) Given the mass configuration the building is stepping down at both ends , making it even less imposing by providing a large ground floor gateway and the light treatment of the upper floors.

  7. BCDC claims jurisdiction over the uncovered portion of the drainage canal therefore the building design is creating two buildings (A & B) separated by the canal width and only connected by the façade screen.

  8. Sustainable Principles: The building and landscape design are celebrating sustainability. The building façade is proposed to be covered with Sageglass providing digitally control of color and opacity—Sageglass double glazing technology contains inside a photovoltaic film that in addition solar panels being installed at the roof levels with its the solar batteries charge station located in the Mechanical room, Further providing enough energy for all public areas, water fountains as well as enclosed circulation spaces. The landscape design and plants’ selection follows the drought tolerant principles.

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