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San Marino Residence
San Marino, California - 2016

The design team has examined the surrounding context to the proposed site and following the regulations established by the City zoning and the approach of integrating the new house to the existing urban scale, the house was designed by creating several volumes at different heights stepping up gradually from the front setback line.

The location of the detached garage and its connecting driveway at the back of the lot follows the existing neighborhood’s house typologies. We were creating a green buffer between the front porch and the noisy street creating a transitional space that celebrates as well one of the design feature of the adopted contemporary California Ar ts and Crafts style.

The landscape of the front yard is simple and drought tolerant minimizing water consumption. The main access to the house is through an entry courtyard that separates the pedestrian and vehicular movements. The internal layout of the house is conceived around a courtyard allowing all the rooms to have natural light and ventilation.

All the finish materials have been depicted on the drawings plus the material board and their selection is based on highlighting the California Ar ts and Crafts style.

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