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SEASONS - Housing for Seniors and the Developmentally Disabled and Community Center

Address : 15810 S Frailey Ave, Compton, California - 2011

This affordable housing community consists of 84 units providing homes for senior citizens. Thirty two percent of which are set aside for seniors with a developmental disability or for those who live with a child or grandchild with a developmental disability. The design team worked with specialized consultants, service providers and the vast experience of LINC Housing to formulate a design that meets the needs of the occupants, incorporating many principles of Universal Design. The need to respect privacy while creating community was the driving force to organize the project into neighborhoods. This projects architecture and urban design realizes the opportunity of combining the factors of affordability, sustainability, revitalization and design through low-cost construction, environmentally respectful materials, aesthetic design, and collaborative planning. SEASONS at Compton is a 100% affordable housing community, providing homes for senior citizens at or below 50% of area median income. 

SEASONS at Compton is designed to be as energy efficient as possible including photo-voltaic generating cells included as an integral part of the architectural aesthetic. A screened membrane protects the building facades along major transportation corridors consisting of alternating horizontal bands of photo-voltaic panels (6 6 high) and vine-covered metal screen louvers. This feature provides effective sound protection for the entire housing complex as well as creating a friendly and vibrant facade toward exposure to the freeway and Alondra Blvd. and generates electricity, thus reducing operating and maintenance costs.

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