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Shamrock Office
Monrovia, California - 2009

Currently occupied by Nardi Associates LLP, the Shamrock Architecture Office is located on the corner of East Huntington Avenue and Shamrock Avenue, north of the Interstate 210 freeway, in the city of Monrovia. Long before its renovation, the original structure built in 1918 was used as a gas station and mechanic shop with garage openings along the east side of the building facing Shamrock Avenue and catering to the American car culture that sparked from the history of the nearby Route 66. The conversion of a historically valuable space designed for vehicle services and maintenance into an environment for creativity architectural design is based on emphasizing the treasured existing conditions and exploring adaptable solutions for a functioning space with a contemporary language. The brick shell and wood lamella roof created an opportunity for the architecture firm to bring a new chapter to a story that had already begun.


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