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Sierra Madre Medical Office
Sierra Madre, California - 2013

In order to better serve the people of Sierra Madre, client Dr. Hani Sami commissioned Nardi Associates to design the expansion of his current medical practice. Dr. Sami charged NA with the challenge of attention and sensitivity to the current quality of his scenic foothill town and respect of the existing old structure located on the street front.

The new three-story high 11,000 sq ft building houses exam rooms, minor procedure rooms, offices, conference rooms, and waiting areas organized in such a way as to allow doctors to work together with seamless interaction with their patients. The ground floor of the new building is visually associated with the existing medical office at its front. A stone veneer was proposed to give a sense of a grounded and solid base. The upper level is placed behind an architectural screen which serves to shade the southern exposed windows, block less attractive views of the rooftop in front of the new structure, and also blend the upper floors into the surrounding hillside landscape.


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